David Provaznik - IT Consultant

David Provaznik

Resource Saving and Digitization

Hire us to help you with digitization and process optimization. We focus on internal applications, B2B, and B2C.

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How We Work?

When we design a project together with the client, we respect their financial budget and try to design the project to be as functional as possible. We always try to deliver as much as possible within the set project budget.

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    Consultation and Solution Design

    We are able to come and, through consultations with the customer, create a project assignment that makes sense.

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    System Development and Handover to the Customer

    The project is continuously presented to the customer using test versions. Our team comes up with new ideas and improvements during development, which are presented to the customer.

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    Project Support and Development

    We monitor the current state of projects 24/7 and provide their support. If a problem arises, we provide a specialist you can contact.

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Meet Our Team

David Provazník

I provide IT services to clients in the fields of web applications, data transfers, and automation.

I have 10 years of experience in positions as a programmer and IT consultant.
I specialize in web applications, e-shops, and information systems.

David Provazník


Customer Testimonial Image David Provazník

Founder, IT Consultant

I studied computer science - web application development, participated in and won several IT competitions. I have 10 years of experience in positions as a programmer and IT consultant. I specialize in web applications, e-shops, and information systems.
Bc. Vojtěch Koubík

Business Manager - Foreign Markets

Vojta is a graduate of applied informatics at VŠMIE. He is a specialist in several types of databases and an IT manager in an international company. In our team, he is responsible for communication with foreign customers.
Ing. Ota Hofmann

Desktop, Android & Web Fullstack Developer

Ota is a graduate of FAV Plzeň - Cybernetics. He likes automation, IoT, and Smart Home. In our team, he most often deals with mobile applications and data visualization in JS, such as graphs.
Ing. Vojtěch Svoboda

Senior Fullstack Developer

Vojta is a web developer and application programmer. He works as a freelancer and has 17 years of experience. He graduated from ČVUT FIT and can mostly be found in Prague.


The references are exclusively from David Provazník, who organizes the orders.
David is responsible for all business matters of this developer team.



NEMO Report

For NEMO Report we are developing a system for property and person verification - Houses / Apartments / Lands

Macseurope e-shop


MACS Europe

A multilingual e-shop for the European market with a large number of products and a parameter-based search engine.

Demo e-shop


DEMO E-shop

DEMO e-shop platform demo.davidprovaznik.cz, which you can have too.




A web presentation for a company engaged in 3D printing, modeling, and 3D scanning.




We are developing an application for beekeepers for monitoring, securing, and analyzing bee hives. We ensure data presentation.

October Partner

Content Management Systems


I am one of the few in the Czech Republic who is a bronze partner of OctoberCMS, which I use for many projects




For macseurope.com we implemented STRIPE invoices as the billing system.

I want help with the payment gateway



We have connected several systems with the Fakturoid API to automate the issuance of documents and invoices.

I want help with Fakturoid



We connect your platforms with Zásilkovna so that you have minimal work with sending packages.

I want help with Zásilkovna


Service Item

IT Consulting

Consulting in the field of web applications, data transfers, and system integration

Service Item

Functional Solution Design

Design of solutions in the field of company digitization / data transfers, management of similar projects

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Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications primarily for internal needs and B2B

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System Development

We provide the development of information systems, B2B platforms, and data transfers


Application / Data Programming

EUR 70/hour

  • B2B systems
  • Internal systems
  • B2B e-shops
  • REST API Integration
I want a WEB platform

IT Consulting

EUR 90/hour

  • Solution Design
  • Programming at the Client
  • Expert Advice
  • Assistance in Selecting a Supplier
I want a consultation

Data Automation and Synchronization

EUR 100/hour

  • Development of Data Bridges
  • Data Migration and Synchronization
  • Process Automation
  • REST API Development
I want synchronization